Simple Steps To Get Serious About Tech Security

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Getting a handle on tech security seems like an overwhelming and hopeless task at times, I know. And it’s definitely true that so long as you’re “on the grid”, you’re vulnerable to tech attacks and privacy invasions.

But the good news is that it’s not really all that difficult to achieve a reasonable level of security.

Here’s a roundup of the most important posts I’ve shared on this topic. If you only read one of them, make it the first. It’s a full chapter from my tech security book, and it breaks tech security down into plain English.


Keys To Achieving Tech Security Without Going Crazy Over It

How To Achieve A Reasonable Level Of Tech Security In 5 Easy Steps

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How To Avoid Computer Viruses: Links

How To Avoid Computer Viruses – Popups

How To Avoid Computer Viruses: Fake Websites, Fake Home Pages

How To Avoid Computer Viruses: Do A WhoIs Search


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ESET Smart Security (4.5/5 stars) is the preferred antivirus/security software of many tech professionals, but it’s very easy to use and is designed with non-techie consumers in mind. ESET software is currently being offered at a discount of up to 70% off on Amazon. A 3-user version is currently (as of 12/30/15) on sale for $46.85 (41% off) for a full 1-year subscription that includes all updates.


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