Easy Fix For When Windows Doesn’t Find Your New Printer

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I had it on my to-do list to replace my inkjet printer for most of this year and when the Canon PIXMA MX922 All-in-One went on sale for $65 on Cyber Monday (it’s back up to $86.05 as of this writing, on 12/15/15, and I’d say it’s still a great buy at that price), I bit.



So I got through the quick set-up guide, got the printer connected to my WiFi network, and then it was time to add it to my list of printers in Windows. And of course, as per usual, Windows did not “detect” my new printer. Fortunately, in the internet age, this problem is super-simple to resolve.


The Easy How-To
These are the steps to complete after you’ve got the printer connected to your network, when the printer’s good to go but Windows just doesn’t “see” it on your network.

1. Go to your printer manufacturer’s website, using the computer where you want to add the printer to Windows. You can Google for the company name to find its site. All the major printer makers have websites now.

2. On the manufacturer’s site, click the link for Downloads, Software or Drivers, if a link like that is available. Otherwise, click the Support link. Once you’re on the correct page for Support, Downloads, Software or Drivers, you’ll generally be able to enter the model number of your printer, or select it from a list.

3. Download and install the drivers, and if applicable, software for your printer. In the case of Canon, Epson and HP, there are download packages that include the drivers you need as well as a suite of utilities for printer setup, management, troubleshooting and maintenance. Make sure you get the version that’s intended for your specific version of Windows. Make a note of the location where you’ve downloaded the package, as well as the file name.

4. Launch the setup package for your printer by double-clicking on the icon for the package you just downloaded. The setup program will walk you through the steps to install the correct drivers and get your printer added to Windows. In the case of All-in-One machines like the Canon pictured above, it will also add the machine’s scanner and FAX capabilities, so you’ll be able to access those features from within Windows programs.


Now your printer is accessible in Windows: problem solved!


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