Verizon Thanksgetting Means One Day of Digital Gifts For Everyone, Not Just Verizon Customers

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TODAY ONLY (11/25/25), Verizon’s running a Thanksgetting promotion on Amazon that offers everyone, not just Verizon customers, the opportunity to get a selection of 9 movies, 18 TV episodes, 10 MP3 songs, 5 Android apps and 5 Fire TV apps FOR FREE!

I’ve already added a bunch of these things to my own digital library, and it’s for real! But the offer’s good TODAY ONLY, so be sure to get the items you want TODAY.


As shown in the screenshot above, you can view all available items on the Thanksgetting page, or filter by specific content type (red box). You can either click on the title of the item you want (red arrow) to go directly to its product page, or mouse over the title or image to activate the Product Details pop-up, which displays a brief description of the item and provides a ‘watch now / listen now / read now / get the app’ button you can click to go to the product page.

Once on the product page, you’ll see the listed price for these items is FREE—even for digital videos in HD! The End of the Tour and Odd Thomas, both highly-rated recent release movies, are included in this offer, as are some bestselling songs, books and apps.


The Small Print
Here are the full offer details, from the Thanksgetting page (tap or click on image to view an enlarged version in a new tab or window):




Click here TODAY to get your haul of Thanksgetting freebies, courtesy of Verizon!


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