Facebook-ery: Turn Off Notifications

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You know how, when one of your Facebook friends has some news deserving of congratulations or condolences/support, you leave a comment to congratulate or comfort your friend, and then you keep getting pings the whole rest of that day—or maybe even that entire week!—every time someone else leaves a comment on the same thread?

It’s so annoying, it’s enough to make you want to stop congratulating or comforting anyone for anything on Facebook.

But on the Facebook site, there’s an easy way to keep expressing yourself in these situations while avoiding the irritation.


The Magic of Turn Off Notifications
First, one caveat: this how-to is for the full Facebook site as viewed in a browser window, Facebook mobile apps may differ.

On the Facebook site, anytime you interact with one of those posts that’s sure to get lots of the same type of comment and you know you’re not interested in seeing all those other comments, just click on the down-pointing arrow at the upper right hand corner of the post and click to select “Turn off notifications for this post”:



Now your comment will stay just as you left it, but you won’t keep getting those little pings and notifications every time someone else interacts with the original post.

Easy! And nobody will know that you’ve turned off notifications, either.


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