Turn Off iOS9’s WiFi Assist To Dramatically Cut Data Usage

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Following the update to iOS9, did you notice a pretty devastating increase in data plan usage on your iPad or iPhone? You’re not the only one. In fact, so many consumers are so angry about this that a class action lawsuit is now pending against Apple because of it.


What Is WiFi Assist?
This feature, which is turned on by default in iOS9, automatically switches to using your cell/data connection anytime available WiFi is judged by the device to be “poor”.

Unless you have an unlimited data plan this frequent and unnoticed switching to your cell/data connection can rack up the charges very quickly, and you’ll have no idea it’s even happening until you get that first, bloated bill from your cell service provider.


How To Turn It Off
The basis of the class-action suit is twofold: first, that customers weren’t warned about the potential consequences of this default setting in advance, and second, that Apple did not provide customers with timely and clear instructions for how to turn it off. That second item is especially galling, because the setting isn’t easy to find.

Business Insider provides an illustrated how-to for turning off WiFi Assist:

“To switch it off, go to Settings > Mobile Data and scroll all the way to the bottom where “WiFi Assist” is located and toggle it off.”

Image credit: Business Insider


Click here to read more about the pending lawsuit, on CNET.


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