Beware the Cyber PC Experts Scam

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Today I’m sharing a post I found on Heidi Cullinan’s blog, which she’s invited any and all to share far and wide. In it, she shares the nightmare she, her mother and brother have endured ever since her mother tried to use hotel WiFi while traveling. From the post:


…when [my mother]…joined what she thought was the hotel wifi and her computer began blowing up with virus warning messages, she panicked. When a box popped up saying she had viruses and she should call Apple Care and the number was next to it, she called them.

“Very helpful” people then spent two hours screen-sharing and “fixing” her computer. These people are Cyber PC Experts.

…Cyber PC Experts, after masquerading as Apple Care, took my mother’s credit card information, and her email, and her phone numbers. They didn’t fix her computer. There was nothing wrong with it. Their whole goal was to phish for information—my mother’s private information—and rack up “fixing” charges on her credit card. Happily, two hours in (they were going to have her “leave it open” all night) she got nervous and called me, and I had her shut it down. And cancel her card. And then my brother, who is no slouch about this kind of thing, took her computer and is in the process of wiping it. She’s changed all her passwords, and is getting a new card. She reported the charge as fraudulent.

And now they call her.

Every day.

Every hour.

From all kinds of different numbers.

And they email.

They are desperate to get a hold of her…So tonight I said, “Let me call them.”

LET IT BE KNOWN they didn’t dispute that they set up fake wifi outside of hotels and trick guests into logging on and telling them they have viruses. LET IT BE KNOWN they never apologized for anything, never denied anything, and when it became clear they couldn’t scam me, they began refusing to say anything unless they spoke to my mother. I told them they wouldn’t be able to. I told them to stop calling.

While I was on the phone with them, they called her three times.

So, I made them a promise, and I’m keeping it. I’m telling the whole world what…they are…I’m also going to let Apple know what they’re doing. Mostly, though, I want to tell the WHOLE WORLD what they’re doing.

Cyber PC Experts. Nasty scammers who love to prey on non-tech-savvy [people]. Hang outside hotels and make pop up free wifi that looks like the hotel’s wifi. Harass people when they don’t let themselves be taken for everything they have. Don’t deny they’re scamming scammers.

Be sure you know the EXACT name of hotel wifi when you stay there. If you can help it, don’t use it. Don’t call the numbers on popups, even if you’re tired and they say they’re Apple. For the record, Apple would never do that, and they keep regular hours.

Click here to read the original post in full (note that it contains strong language).

Click here to read another Cyber PC Experts horror story posted on reddit just 14 days ago, in this case from someone who was contacted at home by the same company.


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