LinkedIn Ordered To Pay $13M Settlement For Spam

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Way back in 2011 LinkedIn introduced its Add Connections feature. Members were told this feature would help them connect with other LinkedIn users among their contacts list, so many signed up.

However, those who opted in for the feature were horrified to learn the result was a mass spamming of their email contacts list, repeatedly soliciting those contacts who were not already members to join LinkedIn. Worse yet, there didn’t seem to be any way of stopping the spam storm once it had begun.



Those who’d signed up for Add Connections quickly came to see that the LinkedIn spam was hurting their personal and professional reputations: precisely the opposite of the outcome they’d hoped for when they signed up for LinkedIn to begin with.

In 2013, angry members brought a class action suit against LinkedIn and this week, LinkedIn agreed to pay out a total of $13M in damages (minus approximately $3.25M in attorney’s fees) to LinkedIn members who file a claim on the basis of harm done to them by opting in for Add Connections.

Those who’ve already received notification of eligibility under the settlement can visit this web page to continue the claim process.

Those who haven’t received notification but believe they were among those harmed by the Add Connections spam can visit this web page to complete a claim form.

For more information, visit the Official Website for the Perkins v. LinkedIn Corporation Class Action Settlement.


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