Microsoft’s Free Youthspark Program Teaches Kids AND Adults Online Safety

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If you’re feeling less than confident about helping your kids stay safe online, you’re not alone. Kids today are often much more tech-savvy than their parents, but that doesn’t mean they’re doing all they should to protect themselves on the internet. From the youngest kids all the way up to the octogenarians, most consumers could use a plain English guide that hits all the important points about online security in a way that’s both easy to understand and fun.


Microsoft’s Free, Online Youthspark Online Safety Site
As part of its “Corporate Citizenship” program, which is intended to provide public services to help consumers better understand and use technology, provide technology to at-risk communities at a reduced or no cost, as well as to encourage more young people to consider future careers in tech, Microsoft has included a Youthspark area specifically geared to young people.

However, the information provided there can be just as important and useful to adults as to kids and teens. Case in point: Youthspark Online Safety.

This terrific, FREE site is filled with valuable, clear tips and advice for staying safe online. From social media to online purchasing, from email to posting images, this colorful page actually makes learning about online security and best practices fun.

Consider taking a half hour or so to sit down with your kids, teens and older relatives to go through the information together. Even if you don’t have any young people in your home, the time you’ll spend reviewing this page yourself will arm you with all the most important things to know about protecting yourself online.


If you have any questions or concerns about online safety, visit Microsoft’s FREE Youthspark Online Safety page as soon as possible.


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