Revisiting FBI/Moneypak on Fire Tablets

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I’ve recently received a spate of messages from Fire tablet owners whose tablets have become infected with the FBI/Moneypak virus, wanting to know if this or that protective measure that seemed to take their tablet back to normal really got rid of the virus.

Without being able to run my own virus and malware scans on those devices I can’t give a definitive answer, but I’ll say the same thing here I’ve said in reply to every one of those queries:

If it were my Fire tablet that became infected with FBI/Moneypak, I wouldn’t feel certain my tablet was clean until I’d done a complete factory reset.

– clearing browser history will not get rid of it

– deleting cookies will not get rid of it

– closing the browser tab where you first got the malware alert will not get rid of it

– deleting and reinstalling the browser, a specific app, or specific files will not get rid of it

FBI/Moneypak “lives” at the operating system level and can lie dormant for days, weeks or months before rearing its ugly head again. In fact, many variants of this malware are designed to do exactly that: prompt the user to fill out a form with personal/financial data or pay a “removal fee”, then pop up later to make the same demand all over again.

As of this writing (on 6/30/15), on a Fire tablet, the only thing that definitely gets rid of FBI/Moneypak is a complete reset to factory defaults, which essentially uninstalls everything that’s currently on the tablet and re-installs the operating system software only.


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