Gmail Unsend Is Now An Official Feature

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Way back in 2013 I shared Gmail’s Unsend feature, which at the time was only accessible via the “Labs” section of the Options menu. This week, Google announced Unsend is now an official, standard Gmail feature. So it’s time to revisit Gmail Unsend, and Gmail Labs.

Ugh! How many times has it happened to you: the second after you hit “Send” on an email in Gmail, you realize you forgot to add your attachment or you made some other mistake, but it’s too late.

Actually, with the Gmail Unsend option turned on, it’s not! The Unsend add-on/plug-in adds an ‘Unsend’ option to the confirmation message you usually get every time you send an email in Gmail.


Here’s how to turn the Unsend option on (courtesy of Wired):

Navigate to your “Settings” pane in the menu directly below your profile photo and you’ll be given the option to “Enable Undo Send,” along with a drop-down that lets you customize the cancellation period for the feature: five, 10, 20 or 30 seconds.


Gmail Labs – Where You Can Find All Kinds Of Stuff To Customize & Improve Gmail
Unsend has been available in Gmail Labs for years, where all kinds of “experimental” features are accessible to Gmail users.

Here’s how to find and enable the Unsend option and a bunch of other great things in Gmail. Note that you can tap or click on the images below to view enlarged versions in a new tab or window.

First, click or tap on the Settings link (gear icon, indicated by an orange arrow below):


On the Settings screen, which is what you see in the screen shot above, tap or click on the Labs link (indicated by a green arrow above). This will load the Labs screen.

All the different optional plug-ins and add-ons for Gmail are listed on the Labs screen in alphabetical order. Check ’em out, and enable any you like. You may find some more items to greatly improve your Gmail experience!


Why It’s Called “Labs”
The stuff on the Labs screen wasn’t necessarily created by Google employees, so as far as Google is concerned it’s experimental. While I’ve used various Labs plug-ins and add-ons for Gmail and Google for years and never had any trouble with them, Gmail just wants everyone to know they do not guarantee that anything on the Labs screens will work as you expect it to, and Google doesn’t offer any kind of technical support for Labs stuff. If you run into trouble, all you can do is disable the thing that’s causing problems.


Enable the Unsend option and fear hitting the Send button in Gmail no more!


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