Printer Printing Blank Pages? Try This.

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Last year I posted 7 Things To Try Before Throwing Out A Printer With Poor Print Quality, and today I’ve got a new item to add to the list.


Shake It Up
When I experienced this problem myself and none of the usual fixes solved my problem, I finally got the answer from the printer manufacturer’s customer support. I was told that when inkjet printers go for many days between uses, tiny particles of pigment in the ink cartridges can settle and block the opening where the ink is supposed to come out.

The simple fix was to remove each ink cartridge in turn, cover the opening where the ink comes out with a folded paper towel to prevent drips or spray, shake the cartridge and then put it back. After I’d done this for all the ink cartridges, I ran a nozzle check off the printer’s maintenance menu and lo and behold: the test page printed!



Important: another common problem with Windows computers is Windows’ tendency NOT to cancel failed print jobs and just leave them stuck, preventing any new jobs from getting through. Where this is your problem you won’t find blank pages printing, but nothing printing at all.

I only mention it because it’s likely you sent one or more print jobs before your blank page problem was solved, so if you’re using a Windows computer be sure to go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers and right-click on your selected printer to look for failed print jobs in the print queue. Even if the print queue is blank, go ahead and click on Printer > Cancel All Print Jobs in the print queue dialog box to ensure all jobs are cleared from both the computer’s and printer’s memory.


It’s Printing Now, But The Pages Look Terrible!
Once your blank pages problem is solved you may still have to do some tinkering to get print quality back up to snuff. If so, refer to that 7 Things To Try Before Throwing Out A Printer With Poor Print Quality post.


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