How To Make Your Fire Tablet Font Bigger

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Today’s post is brought to you by the Fire HD6. Advertisers make it possible for Digital Media Mom to bring you great content each day for free, so thanks for your support.

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Darn That $%&!@ Tiny Font!

I love my Fire HD6 tablet but its default font sizes aren’t so easy on my middle-aged eyes, especially in places like the Collections menu, where the titles of my collections are so itty-bitty I’m having to break out the magnifying glass to read them. The default font sizes are shown in the screen shot below, and they’re pretty small (tap or click on images to view a larger version in a new tab or window):


Fortunately, in Fires released from 2013 going forward, it’s a problem that’s easily remedied! Note that the screen shots I’m showing here are from my Fire HDX (2013 release), but the screens and menus look the same on my HD6 and I made the same font change on my HD6 as shown. In all honesty, I just have an easier time working with screenshots on the HDX’s larger, 8.9″ screen.


Did You Know There’s A Settings Menu For Display & Sounds?

Swipe from the top of your Fire’s screen downward to open the settings menu, and find the Display & Sounds menu item:


Go to the bottom of the Display & Sounds menu and use the + sign to increase the font:


…and here’s that Home Screen again, with the font size adjusted up to 3:


Ah! That’s better. And check out the much-improved Collections screen after this change was made, below. I can SEE my Collection names now!


Ditch the eyestrain: increase your Fire’s font size!


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And now……

The Fire HD6 is a terrific tablet that boasts many of the features you’d expect to find only in much larger, costlier tablets, but unlike those others it comes with a pricetag of just $99—with Prime Shipping eligibility too, of course!


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  1. Comment by Don Marion:


    The size 3 is NOT large enough in DISPLAY AND SOUNDS…

    • Comment by Mom:

      Don –
      Use the pinch-zoom feature in the Silk browser while viewing the Facebook site to enlarge it. There’s no way to just enlarge the fonts, that’s under Facebook’s control.