The LinkedIn Ad Network Follows You Around The Web – Here’s How To Opt Out

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LinkedIn’s Ad Network Isn’t Just On LinkedIn

LinkedIn has created a new “Ads By LinkedIn” network that targets ads to LinkedIn members based on their LinkedIn member profile, posts and other information stored on the LinkedIn site. So far nothing about this sounds unusual, but here’s the kicker: the ad targeting doesn’t just happen on the LinkedIn site, the same LinkedIn targeting data is being shared with all of the approximately 2,500 sites that have signed up to participate in the Ads By LinkedIn network.

This means that, for example, if a luxury watch maker wants to target LinkedIn members who are male executives aged 45+ and live or work in the San Francisco Bay area, they can do so on any of the 2,500 sites in LinkedIn’s advertising network.

It should come as no surprise that LinkedIn has not exactly trumpeted the news of this new ad network, and that therefore most LinkedIn users don’t know about it. Click here to see LinkedIn’s (totally unpublicized) page about the Ads By LinkedIn network.

Now that you do know about it, here’s what you can do about it:


How To Opt Out Of ‘Ads By LinkedIn’ Data Sharing

The screenshots tell the story here (click or tap on images below to view a larger version in a new browser tab or window). Begin by logging in to LinkedIn, then click your profile icon to open the member menu and select the Privacy & Settings menu item:


On the Privacy & Settings menu, select Account:


On the Account menu, select Advertising Preferences:


On the Advertising Preferences pop-up, uncheck the box next to the paragraph that begins, “LinkedIn may use cookies…” and save your changes:

And that’s it! Youre all done, though as the pop-up warns, it can take up to 24 hours for your changes to take effect.


Keep opting out and keep complaining, and maybe sites like LinkedIn will start to get the message that we don’t want them sharing our data with advertisers or other sites, regardless of whether or not it includes “personally identifying” details.


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