Yelp Can Now Legally Sell Better Ratings To Businesses: Yelp Can No Longer Be Trusted

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Yep, It’s True: Yelp Can Be Bought

This week SFWeekly is reporting on “a Wednesday ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, which said that review site Yelp could manipulate its ratings for money.”

SF Gate adds, “The court upheld a federal judge’s dismissal of a proposed class-action damage suit by small-business owners who claimed Yelp’s sales representatives told them their ratings would depend on their decision to buy ads.”

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While Yelp is vehemently claiming it has not accepted money in exchange for higher ratings and has no plans to do so, the inverse (that they’ve reduced ratings when small businesses did not give them money) seems to be true. From the SF Gate piece:

“I’ve got hundreds of people who have called me with this problem: When they stopped advertising with Yelp, their good reviews got stripped out,” the business owners’ lawyer, Lawrence Murray, said after Tuesday’s ruling.


And just like that, another valuable consumer resource bites the dust. I will never trust Yelp ratings again.

Click here to read the full SFWeekly piece.

Click here to read the full SF Gate piece.


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