How To Turn Off Ads In Apps That Are Ad-Supported

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Just a quick one today: a simple trick for blocking those pesky ads in ad-supported apps.

Obligatory Caveat

I am all about supporting developers of quality apps, and I strongly encourage consumers to use the free, ad-supported versions only as a trial. If you find you like the app, please buy the full version.

In all likelihood it will cost you $3 or less, so why be so tight-fisted over something that will give you hours of entertainment? You can’t even buy a matinee movie ticket for $3, so a $3 app you’re enjoying daily is a real bargain for you, and a tiny sliver of profit for the hardworking developer.


The Tip

This won’t work for ALL ad-supported apps, but it will work for most.

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Turn on airplane mode on your device.

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That’s all there is to it. Of course, this also means that until you turn airplane mode back off, your device will have no wireless connection / communication ability. But if you’re only using it to play an ad-supported app for a little while, that won’t matter much.

As I said, this won’t work on ALL apps. Some apps require the user to have an active internet connection to run at all; it won’t work for those. Some apps have ads built right into the screens of the app instead of periodically fetching new ads to populate a crawl-type display at the bottom or top of the screen; it won’t work for those, either.

But if the app runs without any active wireless connection and IS the type where ads are being constantly refreshed, this will work.


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