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First, A Caveat…
When you look at the mobile apps I’m about to describe, you’ll be hard-pressed to find ANY with an average review rating higher than 3/5 stars. But this isn’t usually because there’s anything wrong with the apps themselves, it’s because people are complaining that their specific cable provider doesn’t support the app, or in the case of apps offered BY the cable provider (e.g., the new DISH network app), that the app isn’t compatible with their specific device.

In either case, this is NOT the fault of the app or the channel(s) provided by the app, nor is it the fault of the app vendor (e.g., Amazon). It’s the fault of the cable provider because the cable provider dictates which apps and devices will be supported. So take those 1-star reviews with a grain of salt, and read product descriptions carefully to ensure a given app will work for you before you download it.


Mobile Entertainment Channel Apps: MUCH More Content, At No Additional Cost!

If you’re paying for extended basic cable or premium channels and NOT using the companion viewing apps (for use on portable devices or via streaming boxes like the Roku 2), you’re missing out on one of the major benefits of your subscription fee. Programs and movies available through the companion mobile apps for premium channels typically include content that’s NOT available direct from the channel when you access it through a satellite or cable box, even when you check the on-demand listings.

For example, I’m a huge standup comedy fan and I learned early on that there’s always a wider selection of standup comedy programming through HBOGO than I ever find in the regular channel listings shown via my Verizon Fios TV box. Since standup comedy is often more about what’s being said than the visuals I can enjoy a lot of this programming on my Kindle Fire or iPad, but I also use the HBOGO channel on my Roku boxes pretty regularly.

Extended basic cable channel apps (e.g., Cartoon Network, Smithsonian Channel) will generally only offer a limited selection of full-length episodes for viewing within the app, but they often include additional perks you can’t get just watching those shows on your TV. Some mobile entertainment apps offer special interactive features, like live-tweeting during the show’s on-air broadcast, access to special, exclusive bonus content like behind-the-scenes interviews with cast and crew, or specially-scheduled live chats with cast and crew members.

The apps are simple to use, and generally free. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, when you use it you’ll be prompted to specify your cable provider (this is where many users who didn’t read the product description very carefully find out their provider isn’t supported) and login using the same username and password you’d use on your cable provider’s website or to order paid on-demand content from the provider. You don’t have to login like this with every use, but it’s typical to see the prompt again every couple of weeks, or anytime you’ve installed an update to the app or your device.

Here are just a few of the most popular apps:


DISH Anywhere

Smithsonian Channel

SHO Anytime (Showtime)


Cartoon Network

History Channel

Starz! Play


Click here to browse more entertainment channel apps. If you’re already paying for premium channels, why not get your full money’s worth?


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