The Digital Media Mom’s Guide To High Tech In Plain English Is Now Available!

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Ditch the tech frustration with The Digital Media Mom’s Guide To High Tech In Plain English!

If you’ve been enjoying the articles here, you’ll want to pick up my first ever DMM book: The Digital Media Mom’s Guide To High Tech In Plain English, where I’ve gathered 103 of the most popular and useful posts from the site into a single, take-along volume.

No more need to search the site for the specific information you need, because this book includes all the highlights from the first year of Digital Media Mom site articles!

It’s only THREE BUCKS and is lendable (because the DMM is all about value for the money), and it’s also got the Text To Speech option turned on.

While it’s being released exclusively in Kindle format, remember that thanks to all those great, FREE Kindle reader programs and apps, you don’t have to own a Kindle to read this book. That means it will also make a much-appreciated gift for anyone you know who could do with some portable tech support.

The content of the book is grouped into the following sections:

Tech Basics – Simple explanations of tech and answers to frequently asked tech questions.

Why Is This Happening?! – This is where you’ll find the ‘Why Does My Thingie…’ and ‘How Come…’ articles.

Savvy Consumer: Money-saving tips and tricks for getting the most bang for your tech buck.

Facebook – ery: The straight scoop on Facebook security, plus little-known FB tips and tricks.

Beating Hackers and Spammers – Insider methods from a an IT pro (me) that are actually very simple, but largely unknown to regular consumers.

Geek-Fu: Popular and easy-to-do Power User tricks that will eliminate tech irritations and improve your online / mobile lifestyle.

Kindle Fire: Over 20 how-to’s, tips, tricks and answers for Kindle Fire owners—and YES, it includes coverage of the brand new, 2013 Kindle Fire line.


Whatever tech problem or issue is causing you daily frustration, you can probably find a tip or answer for it in this book. Don’t forget to use the text search feature on your e-reader or in the Kindle Reader app to jump right to the specific information you need.

If this first book proves to be popular, I’ll turn it into a series and release a new volume each year.


The Digital Media Mom’s Guide To High Tech In Plain English: because you’re not a “Dummy”, you’re just an average consumer who wants to get the best use and value from the tech you use every day.


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  1. Comment by Lyubomyr Ostapiv:

    Thanks, I’ll have a look!
    just ordered new Kindle Fire HDX, excited to get it!