Problems Pasting Text – The Magic Of Paste Special And Plain Text

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Amoeba text editor is a popular, free text editor app for Android / Kindle Fire. It includes a few simple formatting options, but plain text is its default mode.

Don’t you just hate it when you try to copy* some text from a webpage or email and then paste* it into a different email, or a document in your word processor, or a Facebook status update, or an online comment, and the pasted text is formatted all funky and weird? Luckily, there’s a very simple fix for this problem: Paste Special or Plain Text.

*To copy, highlight the text, then press Ctrl+C keys simultaneously
**To paste, press the Ctrl+V keys simultaneously


Paste Special – To Paste Text Into Computer Programs, Without Its Original Formatting

In any program you may own that has a function for pasting text, there should also be a function within the ‘Paste’ menu called ‘Paste Special’. To use it:

1. Copy the desired text from whatever source you wish.

2. In the program where you want to paste the text, place your cursor where you want the pasted text to go.

3. In the program’s Edit menu, click or tap the Edit menu item. Within that menu, you will find a ‘Paste Special’ option. Click it to select.

4. In the Paste Special pop-up, select “unformatted text”. Now the text you copied will not only NOT come through with its original, funky formatting, it will be reformatted by your program to match the rest of the text in your document or file.


Scratch Pad is another plain text editor app option for Android / Kindle Fire, and it’s also free.

Plain Text – To Paste Text Into Emails and Online Forms

For this one, you’ll need a plain text editor program, like the Notepad program that comes pre-installed with Windows. If you’re using a mobile device, it may have a Notes app built in; if not, you can find many free plain text editors in your preferred app store. A couple of free ones are shown in this post.

1. Copy the desired text from whatever source you wish.

2. Open your text editor program or app and paste the copied text into the text editor. In computer programs you can use the Ctrl+V key combination to do this. In an app, you will probably have to access Paste from the Edit menu of the app.

Anything you paste into a plain text editor is automatically changed into plain, unformatted text. Some editors will then allow you to ADD formatting to the pasted text yourself, but the default setting is plain, unformatted text.

3. Copy the newly-plain, unformatted text from the text editor, where you just pasted it.

4. Place your cursor in the web page/form where you want the pasted text to go, and press the Ctrl+V keys simultaneously to paste.


Yay! No more funky formatting!


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