How Can I Get Those Cool Emoticons / Emoji For My Thingie To Use?

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Apple users get a set of emoji built right into their device’s operating system, but Android and Kindle Fire users can use the Emoji Creator Free & Smileys app to create their own, custom emoji.

You may have noticed friends and family members including cute little emoticons and pictures of things like cat faces, ice cream sundaes and birthday cakes in their status updates on Twitter and Facebook, their text messages, or their Instagram photo descriptions.

These little guys are called “emoji” (because like pretty much everything that’s super-cute in tech, they were invented by the Japanese).

If you’ve been wondering how you could start using emoji too,  the answer is simple: there’s a language pick, a Facebook key combination, or an an app for that!


Apple Device Users

Here are Apple’s own instructions for turning on the Emoji option:

– – – – –

To enable emoji from the keyboard settings in iOS:

1. Tap Settings > General > Keyboard.
2. Tap Keyboards.
3. Tap Add New Keyboard.
4. Locate and tap Emoji.

Here’s a screen shot demonstrating how users create their own custom emoji in the Emoji Creator Free & Smileys app for Android and Kindle Fire.

Once you enable emoji, you can access the emoji keyboard by tapping the globe icon to the left of the Space bar [when using your device’s virtual keyboard].

– – – – –


There are numerous emoji apps available in Apple’s iTunes store as well, so if you want more options than those already available on your device you can always shop for an app to add more.


On Facebook: The Key Combinations To Create Emotions – Even A Shark!

A lot of people don’t know this, but there are all kinds of key combinations you can use to insert emoji into your Facebook posts.

A graphic below (from TheNextWeb) shows all the available key combinations as of March 2013.

Remember that Facebook likes to change things, frequently, so there’s no guarantee of how long these key combinations will be valid. Most have been around for years, but all you can do is try them.

At least you can now edit your Facebook status updates, so if you find one that doesn’t work you can easily delete it from your post.

Note that there may be more than one key combination shown for each emotion / emoji, you’re not supposed to type in ALL the key combinations shown beneath a given item. Also note that the key combination text won’t be converted to the corresponding emoticon / emoji  until you’ve posted your status update or comment.


(click to enlarge – image will open in a new window)



Android and Kindle Fire Users

Try the free Emoji Creator Free & Smileys app, which not only provides a library of emoji you can use for Twitter, Facebook, What’s App, Instagram and various instant message services, but allows you to create your own as well!

At least one reviewer has specifically mentioned using this with success on a Kindle Fire, and it’s designed to work with other Android devices as well.



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  1. Comment by Carlotta. Wright:

    Can they be used on a mobil phone?

    • Comment by Mom:

      Mobile phones generally have their own, separate emoji set built into the virtual keyboard. Look for a smiley face icon key.

  2. Comment by Carlotta. Wright:

    Do the emojis work with cell phones ?

    • Comment by Mom:

      Most cell phone on-screen keyboards come with an emoji set pre-installed. Look for a smiley face icon on your phone’s on-screen keyboard.