More Facebook -ery: Newsfeed Hotkeys and Editing Status Updates

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Thanks go to two of my Facebook friends for pointing these two items out to me yesterday.

You know how annoying it is when you don’t realize you made an error or left something out until AFTER you’ve posted a status update on Facebook? And how the only way to fix it is to delete it and start over again?

And how when you do that, you lose any ‘likes’ or comments you got on the original post?


Facebook Finally Fixed It!

Hallelujah! Now you can edit your own status updates just the same as you’ve long been able to update comments you make on others’ status updates.

Just mouse over the upper right-hand corner to make the little downward-pointing arrow icon appear, click it to open the drop-down menu, and select Edit to re-open your status update in an editable text field!

FB Edit

The little gray arrow in the upper right-hand corner, which you need to click or tap to access the Edit feature, will not appear until you mouse over that area.


Newsfeed Hotkeys

How about that Newsfeed, huh? You can get a wrist cramp from all that mouse wheel scrolling or clicking in the scroll bar as you make your way from the top of your Newsfeed to the bottom. Enter the Newsfeed hot keys!

Just tap the letter “j” on your keyboard to automatically scroll down to the next post in the feed, and tap the letter “k” to move up to the previous post!

And speaking of the Newsfeed, don’t forget to periodically check that Sort setting at the top, right-hand corner of your Newsfeed. Facebook likes to keep setting it back to their default, ad-filled “Top Stories” sort, so from time to time you’ll have to change it back to “Most Recent” if you want to avoid the ads and see more of your actual FB friends’ recent updates. Just click on the Sort link to change it.



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