The New Kindle Fire HDX Models Are Available For Order, And Yes – Collections Are Coming!

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This is a cross-posting of a post I originally wrote earlier today for Kindle Fire on Kindle Nation Daily, and it’s reprinted here in its entirety with that site’s permission.

The wait is over, and the new Kindle Fire HDX models are now available for pre-order, with a ship date of 10/18/13. Here’s what’s new in the HDX models:

Since most of us have been waiting for it for a VERY long time, we’ll let you know up front that a new Collections feature, which will allow you to organize not only your Kindle books but your movies and other content in your own custom categories, is coming to these new HDX Fires as part of a free software update scheduled for a mid-November release!

No word yet as to whether or not this type of update will also be released for first-generation Kindle Fires and Kindle Fire HDs, but it’s possible the new features are dependent on the HDX’s upgraded processing chip and software. We’ll keep an ear to the ground on this and let you know if we hear anything more about it before the update is released.

Extended, built-in printing support will also be included in the update, as well as Fling TV, which will allow you to send whatever you’re viewing on your Fire HDX screen to your TV screen! Here are some of the upgrades that will already be there, right out of the box, when the HDX models start shipping on October 18:

– More on-board memory options: 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB

– More connectivity options: Wi-Fi only, Wi-Fi + AT&T 4G LTE cell service, or Wi-Fit + Verizon 4G LTE cell service

– Brighter, even higher resolution display than the original HD models

– Faster, more powerful processor

– Longer battery life

– Prime members can download Prime Instant Videos

– On-board ‘Mayday’ feature is like OnStar for your Fire: instant connectivity to tech support!

– New X-Ray for Music feature displays lyrics, discography and other artist information

– A new rear-facing camera has also been added to the 8.9″ HDX model, extending the HDX’s capability as a digital camera

– And more!

Click here to view the 7″ Fire HDX product page on Amazon, where you can view more details and place your order. ($229 for 16GB, $269 for 32GB, $309 for 64GB)

Click here to view the 8.9″ Fire HDX product page on Amazon, where you can view more details and place your order. ($379 for 16GB, $429 for 32GB, $479 for 64GB)

Note that a LOT of people are visiting these pages today, so they may be slow to load.


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