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This Kindle book showed up in my daily BookGorilla email alert; it’s currently FREE, and you don’t even need a Kindle to read it!

Maybe you’ve heard about all those great free and bargain Kindle books, but immediately dismissed them because you don’t have a Kindle. You might also be one of those folks who does own a Kindle, but would like to be able to read your Kindle books on your smart phone on your way to and from work on the bus or train and don’t want to have to take your Kindle to work with you for that.

Well guess what? You don’t need a Kindle to read Kindle books, you can read them on whatever mobile device, PC or Mac you already own, or even in a browser window if you like.


The Miracle That Is The Free Kindle Reader App

I was surprised to learn recently that a lot of people still don’t know there are free Kindle Reader apps for just about any mobile device as well as PC and Mac computers. There’s even a browser app, that lets you read Kindle books right in a browser window on virtually any device that can run a web browser. There are FREE apps for:

Smartphones: iPhone & iPod touch, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry

Computers: Mac, Windows 8, Windows 7, XP & Vista

Tablets: iPad, Android Tablet, Windows 8

Browsers: Kindle Cloud Reader

Click here for Amazon’s page with links for all of these apps.


Whispersync Keeps Your Place Synchronized Across Apps, And Your Kindle (if you have one)

Joe Pantoliano’s memoir about his battles with depression is currently discounted to just $1.99 (instead of its usual $9.99 pricetag) and—you guessed it!—you don’t need a Kindle to read it.

Whispersync is Amazon’s proprietary synchronization technology that keeps track of where you left off reading in a given book, regardless of whether you accessed that book on a Kindle or through an app. That means you can start reading a Kindle book on your Blackberry on the way to work, continue where you left off in the Kindle Cloud Reader app at lunch time, and then pick up where you left off at the end of lunch back in your Blackberry for the ride home.

If you have a Kindle or Kindle Fire and want to get in a few chapters before bed, open the same book on your Kindle or Fire and again, it picks up right where you left off at the end of your commute home.

Note that you must have wifi turned on when accessing a Kindle book on a Kindle, Kindle Fire or other mobile device in order for this to work, because the app or Kindle/Fire must be able to send a message back to Amazon’s servers to indicate where you left off in the book. If you’re in the habit of leaving wifi off while reading in order to conserve battery power (like I do), just turn wifi on and manually sync your device at the end of your reading session to send that one message to Amazon, then you can turn wifi back off.


Start Scooping Up The Kindle Book Bargains and Freebies!

One of the major drivers behind the success of the Kindle and Kindle Fire is Amazon’s willingness to offer Kindle books for free and at deeply discounted prices. You just don’t find the same quantity of free and bargain-priced ebooks in Apple’s iBookstore or Barnes & Noble’s Nook store (and since they discontinued Nook production and support, the Nook book is an endangered species anyway), and Amazon’s discounts include popular and bestselling books from major authors. Here are some links to get you started:

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Click here to sign up for BookGorilla’s once-daily, personalized free and bargain Kindle book alert.
It’s a totally free service that lets you specify what kinds of books you’re most interested in (so there’s no wading through a bunch of stuff you couldn’t care less about) and sends you a daily list of free and bargain-priced Kindle books in your specified genres and categories. It basically runs a special program that scours Amazon’s listings for free and bargain-priced books in the categories and genres you’ve chosen. I know the guy who runs this site, it’s totally ‘legit and he won’t sell your email address to spammers.

My most recent BookGorilla email alert included ASYLUM: Hollywood Tales from My Great Depression By Joe Pantoliano for $1.99, which is 80% off its usual price of $9.99. Nikola Tesla: Imagination and the Man That Invented the 20th Century was also listed, and it’s currently FREE! Prices on Amazon are subject to change at any time, so be sure to buy or download anything you like in your BG email alert right away to ensure you get the book(s) for free or at a bargain price.

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This favorite of teachers and students alike is just 99 cents right now — Kindle, optional. It’s another title that was featured in my BookGorilla email alert.

Get in the habit of checking Amazon’s Kindle Daily Deals page (click here to view the page).
Every day (even on the weekends!) Amazon deeply discounts at least four popular Kindle books, each in a different genre. These four books are usually priced at $1.99 each. For example, today’s Kindle Daily Deals page includes Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle for $1.99, and its usual digital list price is $13.05.

Note that the featured/discounted books change every day, so if you see something you want there, you have to buy it on the day it’s a Kindle Daily Deal to get the discount price.

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Click here to view Amazon’s special (and sorta secret) page that’s filled with nothing but links to FREE Kindle books and content. This is mostly public-domain stuff, but there are plenty of classics that belong in any library, and lots of stuff that’s probably on your reader’s ‘bucket list’, too!

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Click here to check out MY Kindle books! All but one of my novels are priced at $2.99 in Kindle format, and that last one’s only a buck more. My memoir’s $2.99 in Kindle format too. All of my novels and my short story collection are rated 4/5 stars or higher, so apparently at least a few people have enjoyed them.

Hey, I’m just sayin’… 😉


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