It’s A Good Time To Stock Up On Digital Videos At Amazon – You Won’t Believe What’s On Sale, Or For How Little!

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Yes, this digital video really IS available for just $6.99 right now.

In my ongoing campaign to replace all my movies on disc with digital versions, I frequently check Amazon’s Instant Video Store** to see if any on my to-buy list are on sale. Amazon usually puts a new list of Instant Videos on sale at the start of each month, replacing whatever was on sale the previous month, and boy oh boy is August a motherlode of sale prices. Since part of my mission here is to help you save money on digital media, I’m only too happy to share.

**Amazon is my vendor of choice for digital videos because I’m confident Amazon isn’t going anywhere in my lifetime; I’m not sure I can say the same for my satellite cable provider, VUDU, UltraViolet or any other vendor.  And as for iTunes: while Apple and iTunes will probably be around for as long as I’m alive as well, their videos are more expensive and can only be viewed on Apple devices. Amazon Instant Videos can be viewed on a variety of mobile devices as well as computers, and you can watch them on your nice, big TV also. If you don’t have an internet-ready TV, Amazon has a page with information about all the devices you can use to stream their Instant Videos, including many TVs. You probably own one or more of these devices. Personally, I use a Roku.

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Jason Statham doesn’t disappoint in this one, and it’s on sale for $4.99 right now.

If you want to just mosey on over to Amazon yourself and start browsing, here are some handy links to put you right in the price range you’d like, with search results limited to movies rated 4/5 stars or higher:

Instant Video Movies Now On Sale For $4.98-$4.99

In this price range, you can currently find such movies as:


Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

The Mechanic

Solomon Kane – a straight to video action-adventure flick that’s surprisingly good



Instant Video Movies Now On Sale For $5.98-$5.99

Just as much fun as you remember, and right now it’s on sale for $5.99

In this price range, you can currently find such movies as:

Batman Begins

The Dark Knight Rises – yes, the one that was in theaters so recently


Surf’s Up

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead


Happy Gilmore


Wyatt Earp


Instant Video Movies Now On Sale For $6.98-$6.99

Yet another great bargain on a family favorite: currently on sale for $5.99

In this price range—which you should really check out, even if you don’t check any of the others, because an amazing assortment of popular films is on sale right now at this price point—, you can currently find such movies as:

Fight Club

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

Reservoir Dogs


Forrest Gump

Apollo 13

School of Rock


Instant Video Movies Now On Sale For $7.98-$7.99

In this price range, you can currently find such movies as:

Seriously, how can you NOT own a digital copy of this? Especially when it’s on sale for $7.99 right now?


Miller’s Crossing

Happy Feet

The Matrix

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (original version, English subtitled)

The Girl Who Played With Fire (original version, English subtitled)


There are a lot of X-Men titles available in this price range right now too, so if you’re a Marvel fan, click through on the main price range link above to see what’s there.






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  1. Comment by Susan Commeford:

    is it worth up-spending to HD for my Kindle Fire HD or my laptop? Or is standard good?

    • Comment by Mom:

      I have both standard and high-def versions of certain digital videos (for some reason, when I bought certain digital videos in standard def back when the Kindle Fire HD first came out Amazon made the HD version available on my Fire HD too; maybe it was an attempt to entice more customers to buy HD videos) so I have been able to do an apples-to-apples comparison and I just don’t see a significant difference. But that’s just me, and some videophiles say they would never go back to standard def after viewing a film in high def. I’d recommend that you try renting the HD version of an SD digital video you already own and know very well to see for yourself if there’s any appreciable difference for you in image quality.

      One HUGE difference I can DEFINITELY see is the file size: HD video files are a lot larger than standard def, so they take longer to download and take up more hard drive space when you download them. HD videos will also use up a LOT more of a data plan allowance if you typically stream them via your cell service provider; if you’re only streaming via wifi, then file size shouldn’t matter.

  2. Comment by Susan Commeford:

    Thanks…I have noticed that so-called non-HD movies look really good on an HD TV. So given that the prices are real good on SD movies, I think I will just pick up a couple of them to see how they play.