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Streaming Music: What’s It All About?

Posted June 24, 2013 By Mom

If you use Facebook or Twitter you may have noticed updates from friends saying that so-and-so is “listening to [song] by [band] on [Spotify / Pandora / Rdio / etc.]”, and you may have wondered what that’s all about. As per usual, the Digital Media Mom is here to break it down for you!   […]

I’ve previously reported about the dire concerns both pundits and consumers have voiced about the new XBOX One, including severe restrictions on used and shared games, the creepy spyware that comes built into the new XBOX One Kinect device, and the fact that the XBOX One was going to require users to be pretty much […]

Whether you get your movies from Redbox, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Video on Demand from your cable provider, or even the old-school way, by purchasing discs, you’ve got to give Amazon’s Instant Video Finder tool a try! You know there are LOTS of great movies and TV shows out there you’ve never seen, but you also know there are […]

Here are some of the tech questions I’m hearing from the interwebs these days. My Kindle Fire won’t change screen orientation (from portrait to landscape or vice-versa) / won’t load the Videos menu / won’t connect to Wi-Fi / is freezing up. How can I fix it? See this Digital Media Mom post, all about Kindle […]

I’ve fielded this question more than once recently, so I figured it’s time for a post about it.   It’s All In The Cloud By default, whatever digital content you buy or download from Amazon is stored under your customer account on Amazon’s “cloud” servers. However, since by default that content is also delivered to […]