Bargain Alert: Pixar Instant Videos Temporarily On Sale

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This is a cross-posting of a piece I originally wrote for the Kindle Fire on Kindle Nation Daily site, but I’m sharing it here in full (with that site’s permission) because part of what I try to do here is keep an eye out for digital media bargains and share those that are worth mentioning, to save you money.

I have been very patient, and at last, my patience has paid off!

I’ve been making the transition from discs to digital videos very gradually and with budget considerations in mind. When I see that one of my favorite movies is available at a bargain price as an Amazon Instant Video, I buy it. Then I either send the discs in to Amazon’s video trade in program for store credit or donate them to a family member, friend, or local library.

Many Pixar movies are high on my list of wants but when I first began this process they were all priced at $9.99, which is Amazon’s typical, full retail price for Instant Videos that aren’t considered new releases. So I figured I could bide my time, that eventually they were sure to be marked down to the typical $5.99 – $7.99 territory that I consider my budgetary sweet spot for buying an Instant Video on sale. But within a few months, they all shot up to $14.99, which is Amazon’s full, typical retail price for new release Instant Videos, and I’ve been kicking myself ever since for not buying them at $9.99.

Still, I didn’t give up hope and kept checking back from time to time. I was in no rush; I figured it didn’t make sense to buy them at full, new-release prices when I’ve already got them on disc. So I watched. And waited. And tonight, I hit the jackpot!

SEVEN Pixar favorites are currently priced at just $8.99 each—even lower than the price I wish I’d gotten them at many months ago! The only one on my personal list that isn’t on sale is A Bug’s Life, but all the others I wanted are currently on sale for $8.99 each! The sale includes:


Toy Story

Toy Story 2

Toy Story 3

Monsters Inc.

Finding Nemo

The Incredibles


If you’ve been waiting for these family classics to go on sale, don’t repeat my mistake. Grab them NOW, and start enjoying them on your Kindle Fire and other devices anytime you like!

And remember, there are many options for watching Amazon Instant Videos on your TV set too. If that weren’t so, I wouldn’t be making the switch to an all-digital household. No more buying discs for home viewing, then having to buy a separate, digital version for watching on my various mobile devices!


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