Dear Subway:

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Maybe next time I’ll just order pizza from Domino’s. There’s an app for that.


Stop trying to rush me over to the veggie and condiments guy when I’m not done telling the bread and meat guy what I want for sandwiches number 2 – 4.

I realize it makes things run much more smoothly on YOUR side of the sneeze guard, but it also makes it much more likely that when I get home, nobody will be getting the type of sandwich they wanted, on the type of bread they wanted, with the veggies and condiments they wanted.


Sick of Dealing With “This Isn’t What I Wanted!” Back Home,


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  1. Comment by Artemis Westenberg:

    how about buying the ingredients and making your own sandwiches AT home?
    so everyone can see what goes on what sandwich and be creative.

    • Comment by Mom:

      Kind of defeats the point of going to Subway, which is NOT having to buy all the ingredients, NOT having to prep all the ingredients, and NOT having to make the sandwiches. =’)

      • Comment by Artemis Westenberg:

        however, having the ingredients at home, kind of standard as healthy food (at least I presume you choose healthy food on your Subway sandwiches), makes for faster sandwiches as you do not have to leave the house