The 10 Most Popular Digital Media Mom Posts To Date

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Ever since the Digital Media Mom site launched a couple months ago, when I check out site traffic statistics there are certain posts that consistently top the list of most-viewed content. Apparently, a lot of folks are finding these particular posts especially interesting or useful, so here’s a handy list of the top ten posts on the DMM site, in order (note – links will open in a new window):

1. Rechargeable Battery Problems: Overcharging, Leaving It Plugged In

2. Surviving A Kindle Fire Factory Reset – With Most Of Your Stuff Intact

3. Printing From Kindle Fire, Printing From Android

4. Bargain Hunters, Listen Up! Refurbished Kindle Fires Now Available From Amazon

Important Note: Refurbished Fires aren’t always available, so the links in the above article may take you to a ‘product not found’ page. Still, if you’re determined to shave thirty bucks or so off the price of your Fire purchase, it’s worth checking back from time to time because they do become available on a regular basis.

5. Kindle Book Refunds And Storage

6. Instapaper: The Killer App For Readers

7. Kindle Fire Tips: Text To Speech, Charger Options and Where’s My App?

8. Does Your Kindle Fire Need Virus Protection?

9. How Come My Thingie’s Battery Dies So Fast?

10. Kindle Fire & Android Device Owners: Are You Taking Advantage of Amazon’s Free App of the Day, EVERY Day?



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