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The DMM site probably looks a whole lot different on this thingie than it does on your computer; if you’re having trouble reading a post, use the Print Friendly button.

As a web developer, I find it’s a constant challenge to create websites and web content that will display properly in a variety of browsers. This is a challenge for ALL web developers, because we can’t possibly know which browser or which computer or device any given site visitor might be using.

So we tend to focus on ensuring our stuff displays properly in the most popular, current browsers, then we provide workarounds for those who are using older or different browsers and are finding the site doesn’t display quite right for them.

One such workaround is the Print Friendly button or link, which provides a stripped-down, article-only view of content: no sidebars, or other site features are visible on the Print Friendly display. Many sites have these links, whether in the form of a link that literally reads “Print Friendly View”, a button, or an icon with a picture of a printer on it.

Here on Digital Media Mom, I provide a Print Friendly button at the bottom of every post. You must be viewing the post as a separate page (as opposed to scrolling down to read it on the site’s home page), so if you can’t see that handy little green button here, or on any other post on the site, just click the post title to load it as a separate page and PRESTO! There’s your Print Friendly button.

You can use that button to actually print any post here out in hard copy or pdf too, and you don’t even need your own pdf maker program – it’s built right into the button!

So if you’re having trouble viewing this or any other site’s content, look for that Print Friendly option.


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